Philippe Lançon, five years after "Charlie": "The killers pass, creation continues"

On January 3, “le Lambeau” (Femina prize and Renaudot special prize 2018) was released at Folio.What has the success of this book brought you that you weren't expecting? And what, from what they tell you, has the book brought to its many readers?

"Le Lambeau" brought me peaceful success, hundreds of letters, surprising exchanges, records sent by musicians or music lovers and the possibility, for the first time in my life, of getting into debt to buy an apartment.It also allowed me to better understand what I expect from a story, as a reader and as an author: a mixture of tension, introspection and simplicity.If I stick to the letters received, the the story I tell has often become the personal, intimate story of those who read it.

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Among them, many patients or former patients, caregivers or former caregivers.I have just learned that a reader, suffering from cancer, had given my name to her hospital gallows, an instrument with which the patient keeps moving! I had neither wanted nor anticipated these reactions, but I am delighted, what could happen better than to be dispossessed of my story by those who read it and, at the same time, that it helps to live? ? Each reader takes away and enriches the author's experience.

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Posted Date: 2020-12-09

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